Engage your students and faculty with immersive virtual reality and 360° videos


Innovative methods of engagement with learners is critical to individual student success and the promotion of lifelong learning. Engagement through immersive virtual reality (VR) and 360° video can be a key element to your success as an education provider. With BeThere360, your learners can watch and interact with lesson content in your branded iOS and Android mobile apps. Content can be easily added and regularly updated, and enhanced features like viewer tracking, test taking, and analytics can be included.

key benefits to working with us

your brand

Customized with your company brand and messaging


Affordable and easy to set up

easy to use

Efficient content upload and delivery system

fast turn-around

Quick to market! We will have your apps ready for app store submission in one week from content and asset delivery

hassle free

Users can view videos on their phone, with or without headsets

access anywhere

Works offline, so users are able to view downloaded content without a network connection


Access thorough analytics reporting (e.g. content usage, user behaviour, downloads and user retention)

enhanced content

Non-video content (e.g. images and audio files) can be included, creating a one-stop media package

a new way to connect with your brand

Your VR/360° content in your own branded BeThere360 mobile app will:

Engage your students with your new and existing online classes, campus tours, and faculty/staff training content

Ensure you maintain administrative control over how and when you distribute content to your users

Give you control over the user viewing experience - no competitor pop-up ads in advance of or over your content as with YouTube and Facebook. No pop-up ads also means a lower rate of user drop-off

Update your content quickly and easily; send messages and alerts when you need it

Create new revenue streams by linking sponsorship to content

Bonus: Enhance your marketing strategies by purchasing affordable headsets for your users. Headsets can carry your branding, be a great marketing opportunity and an inexpensive giveaway.

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BeThere360 is an innovative mobile app from Radical I/O.

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